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Griffin Marketing & Management was created to be a resource for small businesses, startups businesses, growing businesses, or even large businesses all around the world. Our Founder, Joa’Quinn Griffin, realized the need for Griffin Marketing & Management during a reflective car ride by asking himself “how can I help other entrepreneurs? How can I take a load off of their hands so that they can focus on what matters; their clients? What can provide opportunities?" Joa’Quinn found the solution to those questions by creating a resource that allows business owners to have a sense of relief from worrying about things like marketing; social media, websites, event materials or management such as; financial bookkeeping, profit analysis, and budgeting. Griffin M&M has created an environment that allows the luxury of no longer having to search different establishments to service their needs. We are a one-stop-shop! We pride ourselves on assisting our clients to the best of our abilities. We even offer “Build Your Own” Bundles. Here at Griffin M&M, we like to ask our clients “What would you do with the time you are saving, and how does that impact your business?” 

meet the team


Founder & CEO

Joa'Quinn is a proud Black Business Owner, advocate, mentor, and leader. Having grown up in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Joa’Quinn learned the skills and what it takes to be an effective leader and go-getter which led to his passion for becoming an entrepreneur. It wasn’t until he moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where he learned to effectively put those skills to use. Joa’Quinn loves to help people which is why he is studying Nonprofit, Management, & Leadership at Indiana University in hopes of one day creating opportunities for people from all communities and establishing an equitable and sustainable work environment and one day world!

Management & Bookkeeping Specialist

Sarah has been a bookkeeper and profit/cost analyst for years. She received her degree in accounting and her second degree in Business Administration allowing her to work better with small businesses. As the daughter of a self-employed handyman, Sarah has seen the frustration with the books and long hours that could have been used elsewhere that's why she is so passionate about working with Griffin Marketing & Management, and having the opportunity to assist growing businesses. Sarah saw how her father would guess at what he should charge customers, but most times he only broke even at jobs with that method. Sarah is here to ease that frustration and help you make the money you are worth.

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Contact us anytime for any service inquires, questions, or any other needs that you may have! We are excited to get to know you and help you grow your business.

Tel: 269-308-9726


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Indianapolis IN 46224

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